Trade Account

Are you a business owner?

Take advantage of great prices today and open a Trade Cash Account.

If you plan to purchase appliances in bulk on a regular basis (including resale of our products), please speak to us about opening a Trade Credit Account.

Call us on 01243 842024 and we can put all in place immediately.

    • PEACE OF MIND – 2 year warranty on all trade appliances


    • QUICK RESPONSE – Same day delivery, installation & removal of an old appliance, if you call before 1pm (15 mile radius with ‘prime appliances’ – please ask for details).


  • IT’S OUR CONCERN – Landlords & Agents - We have time on our side, when you don’t. We can meet tenants or key holders on your behalf – leave it to us on every occasion…

Become a Trade Customer

Step 1: Register an account as a standard customer - click here

Step 2: You must then call or email us to upgrade to a Trade Account.